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Iron Andy Challenge Mission

The “Iron Andy Challenge,” established by the Iron Andy Foundation (IAF), seeks to provide children with diabetes camp scholarships and to empower everyone with diabetes to have a proactive approach and attitude towards managing and fighting this chronic disease. Iron Andy Challenge Camperships are awarded to children who demonstrate ability and desire to meet each of the following three criteria:

  1. embrace physical fitness challenges,
  2. give back to the diabetes community by participating/fundraising for diabetes education and awareness, and
  3. serve as a diabetes advocate and role model.

These are the qualities of IAF founder “Iron Andy” Holder, a type 1 diabetic tri-athlete. “Iron Andy” believes that promoting fitness, education and service throughout the youth diabetes community will help children with diabetes develop the positive attitude needed to live a long and healthy life.

Click here for the IA Challenge Criteria and Scorecard

Upon completion of IA Challenge, participants will be eligible to receive “campership” or leadership conference funding -not to exceed $1,000 per camper per year.